4 Signs of Damage to Asphalt Pavement

damaged asphalt with cracks

New or well-maintained asphalt has a number of positive characteristics. It is flat, smooth, free of stains, and a uniform color. When it is neglected, asphalt can start to look rough around the edges and be an impediment to customers driving or walking onto its surface. These signs listed below indicate it’s probably time to either put down a new layer of asphalt, schedule some maintenance such as sealcoating, or at least invest in a new paint job.

Standing Water

This problem is easy to overlook as something minor. In reality, though, it indicates the surface is not smooth and it detracts from the appearance of a parking lot. Also, the presence of water can break down some of the binding agents in asphalt, as well as enable cracks through freezing and thawing.


An asphalt surface takes a beating from spilled coffee, dropped gum, and tossed out cigarette butts, not to mention the chemical compounds of oils, antifreeze, and gasoline. Sure asphalt is tough, but the presence of these oils will reduce the longevity of the asphalt surface. To eliminate stains and increase the durability of a parking lot, sealcoating should be done periodically.


Cracks in the asphalt surface come in all shapes and sizes. Alligator cracks are fairly small and may at first go unnoticed but they represent a deterioration of the pavement. Potholes indicate a larger rupture in the surface. Anytime cracks exist in asphalt it’s time to bring in a repair crew to make things right again.


This is often caused by a steady stream of heavy trucks over the asphalt. Warping can sometimes be handled by repair, or it may indicate a new layer of asphalt is needed.

Property managers should inspect their asphalt surfaces regularly, or trust a reputable paving service to do it for them. Contact Asphalt Surfacing by calling 408-673-4719 or sending us an email to learn more about our full range of services.

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