Asphalt Resurfacing vs Replacement: Which Is Better for Your Property?

asphalt resurfacing vs. replacement

If the parking lot at your business premises has seen better days, you’re probably grappling with the question of asphalt resurfacing vs replacement.

The COVID pandemic caused many businesses to put renovation projects on the back burner. But in 2022, the asphalt industry is projected to rise by 3.1% as businesses look to spruce up their image and attract new clients.

It’s tempting to take the economical route and fix or patch the asphalt where possible. Sometimes that’s all it needs.

But how can you know whether resurfacing or total replacement is the best choice? Let’s explore that question together.

When to Resurface Asphalt

Asphalt resurfacing can bring your tired parking lot back to life. First, you’ll need to fill in any potholes and deep cracks. Then asphalt resurfacing will even out the surface, removing divots, cracks, and uneven areas.

It will also cover up oil spots, which inevitably develop where cars park over time.

It’s time to resurface your asphalt if the following is true:

  • Less than 25% of the surface is damaged
  • There are one or two uneven areas or small potholes
  • The foundation is still solid
  • No large or deep cracks

With good maintenance, asphalt surfaces can last – and look great – for decades. If you notice it’s starting to look a little rough around the edges, call a Bay Area asphalt surfacing company.

They can promptly repair potholes and cracks. They can even provide additional treatments to the top surface to extend the life of your parking lot.

When to Replace Asphalt

Complete asphalt replacement is a drastic solution and will be more costly than resurfacing it. If your parking lot or driveway has not been repaired for many years or has just gone beyond the point of repair, it may be time to replace it.

Some clear signs include:

  • It’s over 20 years old
  • More than a quarter of the surface needs to be resurfaced
  • Deep cracks
  • Wide cracks

The major benefit of asphalt replacement is that you have a fresh, solid surface that looks great. You can now begin to maintain it, catching small cracks before they become serious.

Sealcoating and crack filling every couple of years can extend the life of your asphalt surface indefinitely. It’ll reward you for giving it a little TLC.

One of the great features of asphalt is that it can be recycled. The old asphalt removed from your parking lot could become part of a new lot in the future!

The Verdict: Asphalt Resurfacing vs Replacement

There is no clear winner in the battle between asphalt resurfacing vs replacement. It entirely depends on the condition of your asphalt.

Badly damaged asphalt with an uneven surface needs more than a simple resurfacing job. But if your asphalt is still generally in good condition, asphalt repair may be all you need.

At Asphalt Surfacing Inc., we know how to fix asphalt and replace it. We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area and are ready to give you a quotation. Click here to reach out to us today!

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