Create a Pavement Management Plan to Extend the Life of Your Asphalt

pavement maintenance plan

Did you know that parking lots can improve your business? An orderly, smooth parking lot often inspires trust when customers visit your establishment. Functional parking lots also ensure there are enough spaces for your customers and employees.

In contrast, damaged and uneven pavement makes people less confident in your business. Potholes and bumpy roads can even cause damage to people’s vehicles!

That’s why a pavement management plan is so critical for your business. These plans ensure you receive the asphalt care necessary to maintain a safe and neat parking lot.

However, many businesses struggle to create a pavement management plan. If you’re unsure how to start, check out this guide! Our practical tips can simplify this process for you.

Evaluate Your Asphalt

The first step in creating your pavement management plan is to inspect and evaluate your existing asphalt. Evaluators will rate and prioritize your asphalt based on its usage and condition.

From there, they can document any preventative maintenance work necessary for your parking lot. Also, ensure your business understands the pavement rating system your evaluators use.

This system should consider the following factors:

  • pavement dangers
  • drainage
  • curbs
  • car stops
  • signage
  • pavement markings

Each of these factors plays an integral role in maintaining your asphalt. Then, prioritize each part of your pavement in three groups. The first classification includes pavement in great condition.

The second includes pavement in moderate condition. Lastly, the third group includes asphalt in failing or damaged condition.

Budgeting Your Pavement Management Plan

Next, begin building a budget for your pavement management plan. Your budget should include funds for three classifications of road care:

  • preventative maintenance
  • overlays/resurfacing
  • reconstructions

Let’s discuss which priorities require these maintenance steps.

Preventative Maintenance

Many people instinctively spend money on maintenance for their failing pavement. However, once pavement reaches this category, its lifespan usually reaches its end.

Instead, it’s best to focus on maintaining your second category of pavement. Use preventative maintenance to maintain your moderate, average pavement. Then, move to the next type of management.

Overlays and Resurfacing

Overlays and resurfacing protect your underlying pavement structures from various threats. In doing so, they improve the asphalt’s structural durability.

These projects can significantly lengthen your asphalt’s lifespan. It’s best to use these projects on your fair and moderate pavement. This way, you can bolster its underlying strength and prevent it from worsening.


Finally, there’s reconstruction. This practice helps you restore your failed pavement to its original strength.

However, please note that reconstruction prices can vary considerably. Several factors affect these rates, such as your area’s climate or the amount of traffic this pavement receives.

Create a Pavement Management Plan with Us

As you can see, a pavement management plan includes several factors. While businesses can create these plans alone, it helps to have an asphalt service company evaluate a pavement management plan.

If you operate in the San Francisco Bay area, run your plan by us! We provide several asphalt services to companies across the region. No job is too big for us, whether it’s preventative maintenance or all-our reconstruction.

Whatever your pavement needs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to request a quote for our services!

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