How Heat Affects Asphalt

The sun in Northern California may be a great way to get a tan, but the effects on your parking lot can be damaging. Freshen your curb appeal and protect your lot from the following effects of sun and heat with help from a reliable paving company.


UV rays can fade the color of your asphalt. What started as a deep black surface may appear light gray. This discoloration gives the appearance of a worn-out, poorly cared for parking area. Work with a professional to enjoy sealcoating services to refresh the look of your drive or parking area at your commercial location.

Cracks and Chips

Warm asphalt becomes soft and malleable. This allows heavy traffic or rapid temperature changes to crack and chip the surface layer. Over time, water entering these cracks can create wide potholes and foundation damage.

Cracks and chips are a liability. These minor imperfections create tripping hazards throughout your parking area.  Customers and employees may injure themselves or damage their cars if the damage is not properly taken care of.  Professional preventative maintenance keeps your parking lot safe and ready for all who enter your property.

Prevent Serious Asphalt Damage

Don’t let a minor issue become a major expense. Work with a local team to have your parking area inspected and asses any damage. Ask about a cost estimate and a projected timeline to prepare for your parking lot sealcoating, patching, or replacement service.

Contact Asphalt Surfacing today to enjoy a free estimate on your project. Invest in the curb appeal and safety of your Californian business with local, reliable services. The warm sun may be hard on your asphalt, but it doesn’t have to hold your business back. Call 408-673-4719 or email us today for more information!

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