Include EV Charging Stations in Your Sustainability Strategy

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When planning your organization’s sustainability strategy, consider adding EV charging stations in your parking lot. Electric cars are becoming more affordable and accepted by the public, and your business can accommodate your clients and employees with an essential service. At Asphalt Surfacing, we can help you renovate your parking area for charging stations and enable your business to promote its eco-friendly awareness.

Environmental Impact

With a new charging station, your business is reducing its environmental impact and supporting green energy. Electric vehicles have zero emissions and much smaller carbon footprints than gas-powered vehicles. If your business uses vehicles for deliveries, you can work on converting your fleet to EVs to further your commitment to environmental change. Purchasing an entire fleet of EVs may not be possible, but you can gradually add the vehicles to avoid a massive initial investment.

Employee Retention

As more consumers purchase electric cars, companies need to address the needs of their employees and clients to ensure a lasting relationship. Owners of EVS are more likely to work longer at a business that provides changing stations, and clients are more likely to frequent your company when they can easily charge their EV’s while they’re conducting business in your office. Promoting the use of charging stations on your website through blogs and emails can help your workers and customers become aware of the service.

Customer Approval

Although most of the world continues to rely on fossil fuels for energy, a growing number of consumers support organizations that use green practices. Reducing your environmental impact through charging stations and eco-friendly methods can improve your corporate image. More consumers are choosing only to conduct business with companies that support green initiatives. When you adopt green practices in your business plan, be sure to promote your efforts online to show the public that your company is committed to helping the environment.

Go green today and contact Asphalt Surfacing to begin your charging station project.

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