Increase the Lifespan of Your Pavement with Sealcoating

Your parking lot means many things for your company. It presents a public face to your business and plays a role in your company’s image. It also, hopefully, attracts and welcomes customers or employees to your building. Finally, it is a significant investment as the creation and maintenance of the parking area have associated costs.

At Asphalt Surfacing in northern California, our goal is to help you get the most out of your parking lot. Toward this end, we recommend sealcoating your parking lot surface every three to five years and even sooner in some situations.

Your Parking Lot Is Exposed to the Elements

While asphalt is a durable surface, it takes a lot of abuse. There is heavy traffic and constant use from vehicles to start. Then there are multiple concerns from the weather:

  • UV rays
  • Warm temperatures
  • Cold snaps
  • Rain, snow, and ice

Over time, these elements break down the top layers of the asphalt surface. There is steady bombardment from chemicals such as oil and gasoline and even from litter such as cigarettes and food debris. All of this impacts the oils in asphalt and reduces the flexibility of the surface layer.

Your Lot Benefits from Sealcoating

After a few years, your parking lot will need some attention if you want to keep it looking good. Sealcoating accomplishes this for a fraction of the expense of a repaving job. It will restore the pristine look of your lot and add the oils that give the pavement flexibility.

A sealcoating application will extend the lifespan of your parking lot, it will also reduce customer complaints and liability concerns. This can also be an excellent time to repair flaws in the asphalt.

You can reach our experts at Asphalt Surfacing by calling 408-586-8824. We are a full-service commercial parking lot company.

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