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The idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure holds true for things as significant as driveway or parking lot repairs. Your commercial parking lot will be a costly replacement or repair project, and it only makes sense that you would want to avoid those expenses. As with many things, prevention by way of detailed and consistent maintenance can be the ticket to saving a lot of time and money.

Make Minor Repairs

At Asphalt Surfacing, we know a thing or two about paving problems and how the California weather and traffic can turn minor issues into serious headaches. These are some of the minor problems that could turn into more serious concerns.

Drain Problems

Your driveway or parking lot should be a smooth, even surface. Excess moisture and temperature can wreak havoc on the surface of the driveway. Even if it’s just moisture in the air, water can seep down into the cracks of the asphalt. When the weather changes and temperatures reach freezing, the water in the cracks expands and causes cracks to widen and worsen. Standing water after a rain may indicate drainage issues, which would make problems with cracking more serious.

Crocodile Cracks

The pavement will naturally crack as it ages, often spreading out in different directions to resemble the pattern of a crocodile’s skin. Rather than waiting until the problem is this serious (made worse by the presence of water), have cracks repaired as soon as they are noticeable.

Chemical Spills or Stains

Leaving chemical spills on a driveway to dry naturally could cause the binding between asphalt agents to erode. Time will cause the deterioration to spread through the rest of the pavement and weaken the structural integrity of the asphalt. Having chemical spills cleaned properly and completely as soon as they happen can preserve your paving job.

Whether you need minor problems repaired or you need to find out why your asphalt isn’t lasting, contact the experts at Asphalt Surfacing. We find out what you need and do the job right.

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