Speed Bump Painting: What Your Business Needs to Know

Speed Bump Painting: What Your Business Needs to Know

As a business owner, it’s important to hand-tailor every aspect of the customer experience. From the moment a person enters your parking lot, they are making decisions about your business that will determine whether or not they’ll become a customer. Luckily, there’s an easy way to ensure this conversion takes place.

If your parking lot contains speed bumps, having them painted is one of the simplest things you can do to enhance the customer experience from the first second. Read on to find out exactly how painting your speed bumps can greatly benefit your business.

It Ties Your Business’s Exterior Together

When thinking about your business’s exterior appearance, your mind may not immediately go to the parking lot. However, the parking lot has more influence on the customer experience than you may believe; it’s the first thing they see, after all! A dirty or run-down parking lot indicates to customers that your business is maintained just as poorly—no matter how nice it may look on the inside!

Painting your speed bumps gives your parking lot an instant facelift. With a coat of shiny new paint, your business will, as a whole, look more modern and put together. Plus, the freshly-painted parking lot will give potential customers a good reason to believe your business’s interior is just as new and upgraded as its exterior.

It Will Draw Passing Eyes to Your Business

As a business with a brick-and-mortar store, sometimes the challenge comes in just letting customers know you’re there. Using your speed bumps as a way to draw passing eyes is a great way to alert those in the area to your services.

Painting your speed bumps a bright color is an easy way to get people’s attention, whether they’re driving over them or simply walking by. Once their eyes are drawn to your speed bumps, it’s only natural for their line of sight to travel one step further to your shop’s storefront. This way, you’ll have attracted the attention of a new client without having to invest in any additional advertising.

It Will Give Your Customers Notice to Slow Down

If there’s one thing that is sure to annoy any type of driver, it’s taking on a speed bump too fast because they couldn’t see it. While this may seem like a minuscule issue, the last thing your business needs is for any customer to start their experience off negatively. Painting your speed bumps alerts customers to their presence and gives them enough time to slow down and pass smoothly, so they don’t enter your store irritated.

Painting your speed bumps is an easy way to improve customer satisfaction and widen community awareness of your shop. For speed bump painting in the Bay Area done right, visit Asphalt Surfacing, Inc. today!

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