Stripe Your Parking Lot to Create Order

If left to their own devices, parking lots can soon become a chaotic nightmare. Vehicles are headed in every direction, often at alarming speeds, and it seems only a matter of time before an accident happens. Therefore, it’s important to create some order out of this confusing situation. There are several tools at your disposal. One is excellent lighting and another is proper signage – letting people know where to go, how fast, and when to stop. A third critical tool is the striping that goes down on parking lots in the form of painted lines. Once these lines grow faint, chaos will return.

Reasons to Pay Attention to Striping

You might be tempted to put off striping your parking lot, thinking it is an unnecessary expense. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You should make sure the striping on your parking lot is visible for the following reasons:

  • It is required by the American Disabilities Act to have handicapped parking
  • It strengthens the safety of pedestrians by designating places they can walk
  • It provides a clear guide for traffic
  • It makes your parking lot look professional and well-maintained
  • It pleases your customers and your employees

A professional asphalt company helps you maintain the integrity of your parking lot. Proper striping is one aspect of this. Without striping, your parking lot becomes like the Wild West and bad things happen: accidents, injuries, and inconveniences. Healthy, able drivers might park in a handicapped space unknowingly, depriving a handicapped person of his or her rightful spot.

A newly striped parking lot also has an attractive appearance. If you’ve gone to the trouble of nice landscaping and laying down fresh asphalt, then striping complements all of this. To find the best ways to create order in your parking lot, contact Asphalt Surfacing, Inc. by calling 408-673-4719 or sending an email today!

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