The 8 Best Parking Lot Striping Tips for Properties

parking lot striping tips

Did you know that, in 2020, there were 286.9 million registered cars? With this many vehicles comes the need for clearly marked parking spaces, as they attribute to road safety. Drivers have better distance estimation and maneuverability when they see clearly marked parking lots or footpaths.

In this article, you will learn about parking lot striping tips that can help you create a safe environment for everyone accessing these parking lots. Keep reading to learn eight tips essential for parking lot striping preparation.

1. Ensure ADA Compliance

When striping or re-striping parking lots, ensure you are in compliance with ADA laws. Your parking lot should be easily accessible for people with disabilities so they can easily enter and exit their vehicles to visit local establishments.

2. Fill Cracks and Potholes

Park of parking lot striping preparation is filling cracks and potholes. This ensures your parking lot’s stripes are even and crisp-looking. If you paint over imperfections, they will be highly noticeable and lead to crooked lines.

You can even apply a layer of seal costing before striping your parking lot, as this provides a more professional look.

3. Clean The Parking Lot

Before painting parking lot lines, clean your parking lot. Remove any dirt or debris from the ground so you’re working with a fresh surface. This helps the paint to adhere as you apply new lines.

4. Create Alternative Parking

When re-striping parking lots, you need to provide additional parking for guests, visitors, residents, patrons, or employees who utilize the parking lot daily. It is good practice to notify them ahead of painting parking lot lines so they can prepare for parking elsewhere.

5. Turn Off Sprinkler Systems

Before painting parking lot lines, it is essential that you shut off any sprinkler systems. You must work with a dry surface when painting parking lot lines. If there is a nearby property with sprinklers, paint your parking lot when those sprinklers aren’t in use.

6. Paint Over Existing Lines

While it is possible to paint over existing lines, you need to take steps before doing so. Sweep the lines to see if any flakes come up, if so, use a stiff wire brush to thoroughly clean the debris. Once this is done, you can re-paint parking lot stripes over existing ones.

7. Check Your Parking Lot Striping Equipment

Although this may not seem necessary, you must check the tire pressure of your machine. If there is too much air in your parking lot striping equipment’s front tires, your lines will have a rough appearance. While it may require more effort to propel the machine forward, less tire pressure boasts straighter lines.

8. Don’t Rush

Line striping takes practice and requires patience. You can create a visually striking parking lot when you take your time and put in the effort needed to get the job done right the first time.

It is important to work around customers when re-striping a commercial parking lot to ensure the safety of you and those around you at all times, and taking your time helps to keep everyone safe.

Parking Lot Striping Tips

Now that you understand the best parking lot striping tips, you can apply them to your next project. Remember to clean your parking lot before striping it, fill in holes and cracks, and provide patrons with alternative parking. Be sure to refer to this guide to help you with your upcoming parking lot striping project.

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