Tips and Tricks to Make the Grading and Paving Process Smoother

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Asphalt is safe, versatile, and highly durable. It also reduces traffic volume and lasts a lot longer, which is why it is preferred for commercial properties. Read this article for effective asphalt paving tips.

Have a Stable Base

Before grading and paving, make sure the subgrade level is not uneven or loose. If it is it will cause problems with your asphalt pavement. Your asphalt may crack or even shift eventually, and this can cause significant damage that will cost your business more money. To ensure the foundation is stable and costly problems will happen in the future, work with trusted and reliable professionals.

Inspect the Prepared Surface

For roadways and parking lots, you will need to apply a thicker sub-base to protect the pavement and ensure it stays durable. It is important to do a thorough inspection of the surface for any signs of problems. Take your time carefully inspect it carefully to ensure it has the strongest foundation.

Add a Base Coat

After inspection, the next step is to apply a durable base coat, something that can withstand heavy traffic and even heavy machinery. Do not forget to apply the top coat for a smoother finish. Use high-quality rollers to ensure the asphalt is even and durable.

Have Proper Drainage

Are you having problems with your drainage system? Water can eventually deteriorate asphalt, so ensure you install drains to redirect water. Work with a professional to help you inspect and better improve your drainage systems.

Apply Asphalt Only on Dry Days

It is a must to apply asphalt when the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, to avoid any future problems. The exact temperature also depends on how thick the asphalt is. It is best to do grading and paving during the summer to ensure the best results.

Maintain the Asphalt Pavement

Water, heavy traffic, and oxidation can weaken the asphalt surface. Regular maintenance helps ensure asphalt surface stays durable and lasts longer. Consider cleaning the asphalt surface at least once a month and make it a goal to fix potholes and cracks as soon as they happen. Better yet, apply a seal coat and regularly conduct visual inspections. Applying a new layer of asphalt up to 3 inches thicker adds more strength and improves curb appeal. If you need more help, work with a qualified professional.

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