What Is So Special About Asphalt?

Parking lots, side streets, and driveways are routinely upgraded to asphalt as a premium surfacing option. However, with all the options available, it can be difficult to understand why asphalt is so popular. If you’re considering a new driving surface for your property, but aren’t convinced that asphalt is the premiere option, here are some reasons that asphalt is a popular alternative to other surfacing techniques.


Affordable Alternative

While the initial cost may give you sticker shock as you compare it with gravel or other affordable surfaces, asphalt quickly pays for itself. This durable alternative can withstand harsh weather, heavy loads, and extreme use without wearing out or creating potholes as quickly as many alternatives, like concrete.


Green Construction

As the most recycled material in use today, asphalt is a green alternative to other options that drain our natural resources. Asphalt can continue to be recycled successfully, making it a competitive option for anyone concerned with our limited natural resources.


High-Performance Material

Fast, efficient, and long-lasting construction makes asphalt a compelling alternative to concrete. Because of its popularity, asphalt is easy to obtain. You’ll also find experienced and local asphalt surfacing companies that are highly trained to use this material effectively and professionally.


From freezing temperatures to heavy traffic, asphalt can withstand nearly anything you throw at it. When properly constructed by a professional team, your asphalt parking lot will provide you with the long-lasting support you need to enjoy your property.


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