What to Consider When Painting Your Parking Lot

parking lot painting

Your parking lot is a critical element of your business’s structure, and an unpainted parking lot can cause accidents between vehicles and injuries to pedestrians. At Asphalt Surfacing, we understand the methods to use for lot painting. If you aren’t sure about the considerations for parking lot painting, we can help you.

Paint Type

If you haven’t painted a parking lot before, you may not know which type of paint should be used. Water-based paints formulated for asphalt or concrete may be best for parking lots, particularly when you need the paint to dry quickly.

Managers of larger lots may also choose chlorinated rubber paints. Rubber paint is resistant to chipping and tends to be more durable than water-based paints, and another durable paint is thermoplastic. Your choice will depend on your parking lot’s needs and your budget. In addition to your preferences, you also need to consider the laws and regulations in your area. Some areas, for instance, only allow water-based paint.

Paint Application

When contractors take on a parking lot job, they need to consider the method best suited to apply paint. When painting a parking lot, different stencils are used. You may require handicap stencils, no parking stencils, letters, or number stencils.

Additionally, painters have to consider where to place grit too. Often, painted lines are where cars and pedestrians slip and lose grip. It’s essential to use grit to prevent any slippage, especially in places like the diagonal lines of a pedestrian crosswalk. In some cases, high visibility beads are applied to the markings while the paint is wet. This helps increase the visibility of the paint.

If your parking lot requires upkeep or brand new paint, Asphalt Surfacing has your back. We can introduce you to the paint best suited for your project and ensure your parking lot is safe for guests and staff. Contact us today for more information on how to maintain your parking lot!

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