Why Your Lot Should Include EV Charging Stations

EV charging station

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular all around the world. From luxury Audi e-Trons to budget-friendly Hyundai Konas and offroad Hummer EVs, consumers have a wealth of options to choose from. These car owners will need more than just a place to park their vehicles, they need a place to charge them. Here’s why you should consider catering to their needs.

Increased Businesses

Charging an electric vehicle takes time. Because of this, when car owners charge their EVs, they might need additional services to pass the time. If your parking lot is only part of your business, this could bring in much-needed foot traffic.

Higher Occupancy Rates

Finding a good place to charge an EV often feels like an uphill battle. Once EV owners find a parking lot that serves their needs, they will keep coming back. This boosts occupancy rates at your parking lot, which helps to keep it profitable.

Green PR Boost

Almost every business wants to appeal to modern-day consumers by showing what sustainable efforts they are making. Catering to EV owners can help boost your brand as a supporter of green initiatives. Your business will also become more well-known among EV owners, so plan accordingly.

Higher-End Clientele

Not all EVs cost a lot of money, but most electronic vehicles cost more than their gas and diesel alternatives. Because of this, people who buy EVs tend to have higher disposable incomes. If you own a business aimed at attracting wealthier clientele, this might be a great way to accomplish that.

If you decide to install EV charging stations, the process is a lot less complex than you might think at first. It requires drilling, trenching, grating, adding concrete bases, and then installing the charging device. Our team at Asphalt Surfacing will coordinate with the electrical contractor, so you don’t have to. Once installed, we will repair any pavement disrupted in the process and stripe the new spaces.

If you are interested in adding EV charging stations to your commercial property, call 408-673-4719 or email us today!

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