Renewable Energy

At BRIXCO, our mission is to create a sustainable future through the development of renewable energy solutions in California. Our team of forward-thinking energy experts is dedicated to providing a wide range of services and advanced technology, reducing our carbon footprint, and moving toward a cleaner, greener future.


Who Is Our Clientele for Renewable Energy Services?

BRIXCO is proud to serve a wide variety of properties in the Bay Area. Our experts are extremely adaptable to the requirements and needs of different property types. Our renewable energy clientele includes, but is not limited to:

In any case, you can expect unwavering attention and professionalism from our team from start to finish. Contact us to see how we can improve the energy at your property.

Our Renewable Energy Services

EV Charging Development & Construction

As a property manager or owner, supplying EV charging stations is a powerful initiative that can enhance the appeal and functionality of your property, as well as keep you ahead of upcoming building codes. With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, providing charging infrastructure is a great way to boost property values and help create a more sustainable future.

Solar Farm Construction

Solar farms are revolutionizing the way we power our world. They offer numerous benefits, harnessing the sun’s energy to generate clean and renewable power on a massive scale. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide a reliable source of electricity, and limit peak energy rates by lowering overall consumption, paving the way for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Wind Farm Development

BRIXCO is dedicated to creating a sustainable future by developing wind farms. With our vast experience and knowledge, we’re leading the way in the renewable energy revolution. Every wind farm we build is designed to be as efficient as possible while having minimal impact on the environment.

Annual Statistics

4,000,000 Square Feet of Sealer Placed
30,000 Tons of Asphalt Paved
10 Miles of Striping Painted
4,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete Poured

Why Choose Us

Why Choose BRIXCO for Your Renewable Energy Needs?

BRIXCO is your top choice when choosing a renewable energy company. Here are the reasons why BRIXCO stands out from the rest:

From start to finish, BRIXCO is committed to excellence in every facet of our pavement maintenance services. We will ensure that your surfaces are not only beautiful, but safe and strong for years to come. No matter the size of your pavement maintenance project, BRIXCO guarantees the highest quality and attention to detail possible.

At BRIXCO, we value creating a transparent relationship with our clients. We will never surprise you with additional costs during the process of your maintenance. We stay true to our pricing and provide clear expectations from the start to ensure you will be happy with the final result of your project.

Customer satisfaction has always been and will continue to be our highest priority. We want every one of our customers to love the way their pavement looks and feels. Whatever your unique needs may be, we are happy to accommodate to best serve you and build a trusting relationship.

BRIXCO handles every step of pavement maintenance services, so you never need to rely on anyone else. We are able to install new surfaces, repair them, protect them, stripe them, and keep them up to date. Whatever you may need, we are one phone call away to take care of it all.

Wind farm


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We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area. That includes the cities of San Jose, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Campbell, Saratoga, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Milpitas, Oakland, San Francisco, Morgan Hill and all points in between.

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