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Safety is a priority on every project.

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BRIXCO's Safety Training & Certification

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Our commitment to safety goes beyond mere words; it’s part of who we are and what we stand for.

In our industry, it’s important to make sure everyone on a job site is prepared to reduce risks and create a safe environment. Safety is at the top of our list of priorities, and we do it by having a highly trained and certified workforce. At BRIXCO, we know that ensuring safety is a collective responsibility that extends to every member of our team. We believe the safety training and certification process we put each of our employees through is second to none, and its part of what sets us apart. 


Our Training & Certification

Here’s a summary of the key trainings and certifications that our dedicated team goes through:

Common Ground Alliance Certified logo

Common Ground Alliance Certified

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ISNetWorld Vendor

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Avetta Vendor

Maximize Safety with BRIXCO

If you’re looking for a partner who puts safety first, BRIXCO is the way to go. We don’t just talk about it – it’s a part of who we are and what we do. Our employees, both on the field and in the office, have the skills and knowledge to make sure safety is always a top priority. We always go the extra mile to make sure our safety training and certifications are up-to-date and comprehensive. We know that safety is always changing, so when you work with us, you’re getting a team that is always on the cutting edge. 

Our Training & Certification

Common Ground Alliance Certified

One of the most important components of our safety program is our CGA certification. CGA stands for “Common Ground Alliance,” an organization of stakeholders who work together to prevent underground utility damage, encourage safe excavation procedures, and protect our environment. We’re proud to be CGA certified, and it’s a testament to our commitment to the industry’s best practices. 

With our CGA certification, our employees are fully trained in excavation and construction protocols and guidelines. This helps:

Minimize Utility Damage
Improve Job Site Safety
Demostrate Our Commitment to Collaboration & Communication between All Involved Parties
safety training
safety training

Our Training & Certification

ISNetWorld Vendor

We are also ISNetWorld vendors, which is a global network that connects organizations with safe and trusted contractors and suppliers. Our ISNetWorld affiliation means that our safety procedures and compliance meet the rigorous standards of ISNetWorld. 

Being ISNetWorld vendor allows us to:

Have Safety Records Audited Regularly
Maintain the Highest Level of Safety
Give Our Clients Peace of Mind Know They are Working with a Company That Follows a Globally Accepted Safety Framework

Our Training & Certification

Avetta Vendor

Avetta is a leading provider of supply chain risk management solutions. As an Avetta vendor, we demonstrate our commitment to not only ensuring the safety of our employees but also the safety of our suppliers and contractors. This comprehensive approach to safety reflects our belief that safety is a collaborative effort. 

Our Avetta certification signifies that we:

Prioritize Supplier & Contractor Safety
Ensure That All Parties Involved in Our Projects Adhere to the Same Stringent Safety Standards We Uphold
Reduce the Potential for Accidents & Incidents on Our Job Sites
safety training

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